Public African American Journey History Tour


Immerse yourself in Edisto Island’s history and discover its heroes!

We’ve partnered with Author Greg Esteves to create this tour based on his book “Edisto Island: The African American Journey.” Learn the previously untold stories of historic heroes from Edisto and the ACE Basin. Get on the waterways traveled by enslaved people who were active participants in gaining their freedom. We will uncover the links between the geography of the area and the history as we travel the rivers and creeks that served as transportation routes. Learn about Gullah/Geechee culture and what it is like today on the island. Offered spring and fall.

Proceeds from this program are split between Greg Estevez and home improvement grants for Edisto Islanders.


Dock slip D 2, Edisto Marina, 3702 Dock Site Rd, Edisto Beach


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Public edisto's african american journey

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